An Instagram Flash Sale - 4/9/17

An Instagram Flash Sale - 4/9/17

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Hope all of you had an amazing weekend! We're ending the fun with another magical and delicate Flash Sale, for my Instagram friends!

In this weeks Flash Sale, all necklaces are 'Y' style necklaces. The Y drops are all slightly different lengths, but the length of the main necklace are all 18" L. All necklaces are also created with 14k Gold Fill chain, findings and clasps, perfect for those with sensitivity. If you can wear Sterling Silver, you will love these gold equivalents.

From Left to Right -->

1. A smaller but still flashy Labradorite Bezel Gem suspended from a large hand forged hoop, with a delicate Rainbow Moonstone Rondel. 18" L

2. Large and In Charge clear Crystal Quartz Point is the center of attention of this beautiful piece! Above we have 3x faceted Labradorite Rondels, with an asymmetrical mix of more Labradorite gems.

3. Yes, more Labradorite! But can you blame us?! It's like the new black, it goes so well with everything! In this variation, we have a chic 14k Gold Fill hand forged dagger we created in the studio.

4. I think my favorite of the lot, this darling piece has the most amazing Reutilated Quartz with amazing Black reutile lines running through, suspended from our always popular 14k Gold Fill hand forged hoops. And to top it all off, a delicious tiny Herkimer Diamond Quartz.

5. One of my favorite designs, I'm in love with the simplicity of this piece! My always favorite shape, the 14k Gold Fill Crescent is the most charming of charms I make! And this one is centered above a magical faceted Amethyst.

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