Phenom - Limited Run Instagram Special

Phenom - Limited Run Instagram Special

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Well well well, the masses have spoken... :) What started off with an afternoon of tinkering with some different ideas/designs became a mass of my lovely babes asking how much and where can I buy these from?! You can't argue when the demand is there, so here we are!

These delicious treats are long, but extremely light-weight, so don't worry about stretching on your lobes. Both are created with 14k Gold Fill hand forged framework, accent beads and earwires, perfect for those with sensitivity.

The left variant feature two tiny yet bold faceted London Blue Topaz gemstones, while the right are sporting long, narrow and faceted Green Kyanite treasures.

Earrings Measure 3" L for the Blue Topaz, and 3 and 1/2" L for the Green Kyanite.

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